Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground supporting the building where the movement is unconnected with the weight of the building. Essentially, the soil beneath the building’s foundations is unstable which results in cracking to the structural walls of the building.  This is usually caused by an Escape of water from underground services.In order to confirm that the claim will be covered by your insurance company, it is necessary to prove the cause of the cracks.  This will require a specialist investigation by a Structural Engineer who will prepare and provide a report.  The Engineer will also specify the repairs that he deems necessary such as under-pinning the foundations and repair to the cracks in the affected walls.Property Loss Management can recommend various companies who can carry out this report and prepare the claim to submit to your insurance company.  These claims can be slow and tedious as your Insurance Company will most likely appoint their own Engineer to verify or challenge the report prior to admitting liability. With our no win no fee and free initial survey, a member of our experienced team can deal with your claim in order to relieve this unnecessary stress.

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